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Jake Howard ✘ Age: Twenty-Four ✘ Sexuality: UTP ✘ Face Claim: Robert Pattinson

"There ain’t no rest for the wicked, that’s fer sure."

✘ The role of JAKE HOWARD is OPEN.


Jake is a solitary fellow. He prefers running and reading to spending time with others, unless that “other” is Jessica. He’s very protective of her and is prone to jealousy, but doesn’t realize that it goes both ways. His charming attitude could be seen as a little too flirty for her tastes, but he’s oblivious.



Jake has lived a relatively normal life. His mother was a human who was seduced by a Moroi man in a night of confusion. When she got the news that she was pregnant, she was absolutely horrified mostly because she had no idea who the father was. When Jake was born, the DNA tests came back inclusive, and his mother was forced to realize that, for better or worse, she now had a baby to take care of. She had unknowingly befriended a Dhampir woman named Julia, who recognized what her baby was right away. His identity as a Dhampir remained a secret until he was about five, when Julia told his mother. She said that he had a duty to protect those weaker than him, and his mother nearly thought she had lost her mind, but a few days later St. Zenobius had come to take the boy to the academy. St. Zenobius was notorious for producing some of the best Dhampirs, but it was also known that they weren’t above forcibly removing a child who refused to go. It took a lot of convincing, but they were able to get his mother to agree to send him off, as long as she got to see him. They offered her a job at the academy, a cushy spot that would allow her to be near him, leading the woman to a life of addiction. 

It wasn’t widely known that Jake’s mother was a feeder, since he mostly had his father’s features and his mother’s blue eyes had dulled, no longer matching his. It was known, however, how much he visited her. Soon people began to speculate and, at the risk of his mother’s reputation being ruined, he decided to quit visiting her. She rarely noticed half the time and he hoped that she wouldn’t now. During his time at the academy, he excelled at his classes. He was one of the top novices at his school and many Moroi had requested him by the time he graduated. There was only one Moroi he had his eyes on though, and that was Jessica Sharp. He felt hopelessly devoted to her, despite knowing that a Moroi and Dhampir would never work. They met through a mutual friend and eventually became friends themselves. There were rumours at the time that she and he were romantically involved, but those rumours never came true until their last year at the academy. It might be cliche, but during Jake’s trials, Jessica realized how lucky she was to have someone like him to protect her. Once they graduated, she formally asked him to be her Guardian. He accepted.

The news of their relationship spread like wildfire; she isn’t royal, but Moroi and Dhampir relationships are considered taboo. Due to their relationship, she lost connections politically and family-wise. Her parents were proud people, so the thought of their little girl shacking up with a rugged Dhampir was too much to take. They gave her an ultimatum; break up with him or else. Fortunately for him, she refused, and Jake was there to pick up the pieces. Over the next few years, Jessica made a name for herself as a Moroi lawyer. She eventually gained a lot of pull, and he as well for killing two Strigoi, and they were invited to stay at the Royal Court. She was to become a lawyer for the royals, and he simple came along due to their relationship. It was there that Jake met Dimitri Belikov. He was wary of him due to his turning, but they eventually grew close. Being around the Court so much, Jake realized that the most prominent problem in the Moroi world was the war that might occur. His position on the problem is divided; he does think that Moroi should utilize their talents and use them to protect themselves, but the thought of Jessica going into battle rattles him to the core.

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The makeover is done, and all of the links are updated. Thank you for your patience.

The makeover is done, and all of the links are updated. Thank you for your patience.

Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir ✘ Age: Twenty ✘ Sexuality: UTP ✘ Face Claim: Teresa Palmer

And after a while…I mean, how do you choose? Who gets to live? Part of life is that…well, some people have to die. My powers aren’t a prescription you can get filled as needed”

✘ Current Queen of the Moroi.
✘ Spirit user. 


Vasilisa has always been a well-liked girl. She’s sweet, caring, smart, everything you would want in a Queen. However, her generosity can sometimes lead to her downfall, but she’s quick to think of a solution.

✘ Compassionate
✘ Generous
✘ Hurt easily
✘ Short-tempered


On the outside, Vasilisa’s family was perfectly normal. They were charming, popular, and very close. Behind the scenes, it was a different story. The Dragomir’s loved each other, sure, but Vasilisa’s family was very different when nobody was around. Her brother, sweet and caring Andre, was a bullying royal who used girls for fun, and her father was having an affair. Everything they did ended up affecting Vasilisa in some way. Mia, a girl whom her brother had dated, did everything she could to try and ruin Vasilisa’s life when she got back to the academy. Her father’s illegitimate child, Jill, ended up being the reason Vasilisa got to be Queen. Being a Moroi, Vasilisa was enrolled in St. Vladmir’s academy, where she met her best friend, Rose Hathaway. The two girls went through everything together; they partied, got in trouble, and of course, broke hearts. Sometime during their sophomore year, her family planned a vacation and invited the girl along.

It was amazing. The entire trip had been wonderful, but on the way home is when the fun ended. Vasilisa’s car spun off the side of the road, ramming the car straight into a tree. The accident was horrible; Vasilisa was the only one who had survived. The imagery of twisted metal, burning flesh, and her best friend bleeding out was far too much for her to take and her spirit abilities came out. She leaned over Rose, begging for her to wake up, and unwillingly healed her. Even though Rose also survived, Vasilisa was struck with survivors guilt. She became depressed, cutting herself whenever things got too hard. Spirit eventually took it’s toll on her mind and it began to darken; Rose was forced to take her away from the Academy in order to try and help her. It worked and, for two years, Vasilisa was able to heal. She regularly had nightmares about the accident, but Spirit had stopped breaking her mind apart. When they were found by Dimitri Belikov and taken back to St. Vladmir’s, it had been hard on Vasilisa. She found herself getting used by people she thought cared about her, fell in love and had her heart broken, and really found out who she was. When Rose left to find Dimitri, she felt betrayed. Nobody had told her that they were lovers, and she had actually tried to compel Rose into staying with her, but she didn’t. While Rose was gone, Vasilisa found a friend in Avery, a girl who, in the end, had only wanted Vasilisa because of her spirit abilities. Avery had attempted to murder Vasilisa to bring her back with Spirit, and in the process ruined her relationship with her boyfriend, Christian. 

When Rose was accused of murder, Vasilisa knew that she hadn’t done it. While Rose was busy trying to clear her name, Vasilisa was busy trying to become the new Queen. In order to be considered, she had to undergo challenges. The challenges were tough. She wasn’t used to surviving in the wild (fake, but still), she wasn’t used to facing her fears head on, and the thought of actually winning and becoming Queen made her stomach do flips, but she managed to overcome everything. Vasilisa hadn’t been expecting to actually win, especially since she hadn’t known about Jill being her half-sister, but she flourished as Queen. She made compromises, brought people together, and opened the Moroi’s eyes to new ideas. Nothing good could last, though, and soon attempts on Jill’s life were made. Moroi figured that if they couldn’t take out Vasilisa, they could take out Jill and get her dethroned. Because of this, Jill was sent to Palm Springs. In the two years she’s been Queen, she was able to change the law of the King or Queen needing one other alive family member to be in charge. Despite everything good that she’s done for her people, the threat of a civil war still lingered, and with the Strigoi on the rise, she can’t help but feel that there’s no hope left.

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Oops, just saw the faq. I don't really like Rose's FC sooo.

I’d be more than happy to if you’re accepted. :)

Zoe Dalman ✘ Age: Twenty-four ✘ Sexuality: UTP ✘ Face Claim: Dianna Agron

“It’s a gift, not a curse, and I can finally accept that.”

✘ The role of ZOE DALMAN is OPEN.
✘ Head of the Dalman Coven. 


Zoe has always been a little curious. From a young age all she wanted to do was explore, but after everything that’s happened, she’s learned to control her curious nature. She’s a powerful Witch who wants justice to be done to Strigoi. Her life has left her tongue sharp and her heart weary, but she’s a kind woman underneath it.

✘Doesn’t let people in easily


Zoe was born to a superstitious but kind family. She was raised to believe that all magic was evil and that those who were “cursed” with it were damned to hell. Despite her upbringing, Zoe always wondered how it would feel to control it; the ability to make spells always fascinated her, but she kept that interest a secret. It was right about age nine when she started showing her abilities; they were accidents and tiny things; she’d be playing with things in the garden and they would suddenly light on fire, or she would accidentally scry someone without realizing it. Her parents didn’t realize it at first, but her younger sister did. “Mommy! Mommy! She’s making bad stuff!” Sure, it sounded fun at first, but now that Zoe realized she did have the power, it scared the living daylights out of her. Her parents called the priest on her multiple times, nearly traumatizing the child with his “cleansing rituals”. A year later and Zoe was a much different girl than she used to be; she was weak, afraid, and nearly terrified to accidentally cast a spell. When her family took a trip to the market one evening, she met Mrs. Wyatt, an elder witch. Wyatt saw that the young child had abilities and dared to ask her parents if she could train her. Zoe’s mother was beyond petrified, but her father simply tossed his hand, stating that he “couldn’t have her ruining our reputation. Take her and leave.”

However, seeing so many people encouraging her gave her confidence, and she completed her first fire charm without a hitch. The women went on to explain that magic was a gift, not a curse like she had been taught. They said that using magic without a charm was a rare gift, something that she might have. While Zoe was able to do small spells without charms, she really shined using them. Her defensive spells were fabulous, but even though she was learning a lot she couldn’t help feeling guilty. Every time she nailed a charm or scryed someone, she felt a pang in the back of her throat, but those feelings eventually went away with time. Nearly eighteen, she had all but forgotten about the family she left behind. She eventually grew close to a kind fellow, Darren, and eventually agreed to start a family with him. However, a Strigoi attack cut their time together short. It came out of nowhere; they fell from the skies as Zoe, Darren, and others from their coven were out gathering herbs. It was nearly daybreak, so they were surprised that they were hunting so late, but their shock is what caused their deaths. Zoe watched as many of her friends fell, but she and the others fought. They threw fire charms, they blinded them and immobilized them, but it was in vain. They started to run when it happened; one woman grabbed Darren and pinned him down, sinking her teeth into his neck.

Zoe did all that she could, but the group was far too powerful and the others encouraged her to retreat. There was nothing she could do as she watched her lover’s life drain away at the hands of a monster. She took her last fire charm and threw it, nearly screaming the words, “into flame! into flame!”. It hit the Strigoi’s head and soon the vampire was ablaze. She managed to get the attention of the other vampires, but daylight was soon approaching and they fled. Once the vampire had died, she rushed over to Alex and cradled his body, begging for someone - anyone - to save him. Her calls were unheard and he was buried a day later, at the coven grounds. Zoe nearly begged Wyatt to do something about the Strigoi problem, but Wyatt only shook her head as she explained that the Strigoi would not attack as long as they kept quiet. That sparked something in Zoe, so she vowed to start her own coven and do something about it. She gathered her closest friends to join her and they created the Dalman coven. They journeyed to the Moroi Royal Court, knowing that that was their best chance at doing something to strike back against the Strigoi. Once they had an audience, Zoe stood before the Queen with a fire in her eyes as she pledged her coven’s alliance to the Moroi. “We will fight alongside you when the war comes.” And she still holds true to that promise, knowing that it is only a matter of time.

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so, if they're not all in the same place, how will they all interact?

Some of them will be, like Dimitri and Rose, or Eddie and Jill, but others will simply have to travel. Jill could travel to the Court in order to visit, as could other characters. I hope this isn’t too confusing. :~)

will they all be back in the school?

No, not unless they’re still enrolled as a student, which most of the characters aren’t. Jill might be, though, since she’s only eighteen.


Dimitri Belikov ✘ Age: Twenty-six ✘ Sexuality: UTP ✘ Face Claim: Ben Barnes

"You forgot my first lesson; don’t hesitate."

✘ The role of DIMITRI BELIKOV is OPEN.


Dimitri has been described as a God; he could take down a Strigoi without even breaking a sweat. His fighting skills are remarkable, yet he remains humble about it. He’s a kind and loving person, the kind of guy you’d want to take home and show your folks.

✘Blames himself easily


If you’re one to talk ill of Dhampir communities, Dimitri could be the person to change your mind about them. He was born into a very tight community in Russia, where he attended St. Basil’s Academy. His family might have been the typical story of a Dhampir woman falling for a Moroi man, but they are far from the stereotype. Unlike most Moroi men, Dimitri’s father never came back to his mother for sex; no, he came back to hit her around. With Dimitri and his sisters being too young to do anything about it, they were forced to watch as he beat their mother. However, once he turned thirteen, he decided that he had had enough of it and challenged his father to a fight. He was already one of the top students in his class, so beating his father was no challenge. After the fight, their family was finally left alone. During his time at the academy, he met a Moroi named Ivan Zeklos, and the two of them eventually became best friends, with Ivan requesting him as his guardian. He was his guardian for a few years until Ivan was murdered. Dimitri thought it was his fault, since he had been off-duty at the time. After this, he was very emotionally damaged. Soon after his death, he was requested at St. Vladmir’s Academy in order to help track down Vasilisa and Rose.

He found them faster than any of the other teams sent out to look for them and, when they returned, became Rose’s mentor. He saw the potential in her and wanted to help her, but he hadn’t expected to have feelings for her. It was wrong; he was nearly seven years older than her. She was just a child. Only when Victor used a charm against them did he realize what had happened; he fell for someone he would be working with one day. If a Strigoi popped out, he wouldn’t jump in front of Vasilisa  he would jump in front of Rose. He tried to ignore those feelings, but they never went away. They eventually decided to start a relationship - in secret, mind you - but their little piece of hidden bliss was cut short when Strigoi attacked the academy. Despite everything that he had done, Dimitri was taken captive by the Strigoi and, being such a powerful man, was “awakened”. He managed to gain a lot of power in the short time he was a Strigoi and even managed to capture Rose. He had the intent of turning her, not because he loved her, but because he wanted her. She was a prize. Once Rose figured that out, everything became easier. While she didn’t manage to kill him, she did figure out how to turn him into a Dhampir again, and that’s what had happened. Vasilisa was the one to do so, as only a spirit user could restore a Strigoi’s soul.

He didn’t get back together with Rose - not right away, at least. The memories of what he had done as a Strigoi were much too horrible for him to handle. He felt like he deserved nothing, much less her love. Instead, he helped to prove her innocent. He did all he could in order to clear her name and only when that happened did he allow himself to fall for her again. He traveled to Palm Springs in order to help Sonya and Adrian discover more about Spirit, and he was one of the few who saved Sonya and Sydney from the rogue Alchemists; Warriors of the Light. He has since traveled back to the Royal Court for added security, but he can’t help worry about Rose; the Strigoi have made it clear that they want her, and he might not be able to save her this time. 

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